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You are an exceptional woman!

To be happy, you don’t need much. Just open your eyes, smile to the new day, just look at yourself in the mirror and send yourself an air kiss, just remember that you are irresistible, exceptional woman like no other. And you are needed by the world just as you are!

Let this small excerpt from Marie Forleo’s book “Everything is Figureoutable” help you see the wonderful woman in yourself, worthy of Love and Happiness.

“We are the brightest, most sexual and magical creatures of all living beings on earth. We have forgotten that our strength is not in competing with men or trying to be like them, but in using our natural feminine abilities – compassion, charm, and tenderness. We are intuitive healers, skilled in love. Our hearts are full of deep emotions, and we cast our nets in search of spiritual truth. Our sexuality and feminine charms inspire, enliven and give strength. We are wonderful creatures.

What we truly want is just love.

The world sorely needs irresistible women, emotional, full of enthusiasm and vitality, regardless of circumstances. In women who are not afraid to speak the truth and stand up for what they believe in. In smart, sensual and compassionate women who do not compete with men, do not humiliate themselves before them and do not wage war against the strong sex (or against other women) who see the true nature of people, the nature of the same people, who crave a decent life and love.

Let’s admit that we truly want only love. Although we are constantly chasing the right clothes, the right hairstyle, the right figure, the right job, the right relationships, but truly we want to know that someone loves us and everything will be fine.

You know what? You are already loved and everything is already fine with you. Everything else is an illusion. Anxiety, regret and worry are mental constructs created by our minds to distract us from the frightening realization that, apart from these minor concerns, everything is not bad for us. By relaxing and accepting that everything is fine with us, we release our irresistibility. Our dreams soar back into our hearts, and our souls are once again free to fly. When we don’t give so much energy to our imaginary neurosis, we have the time and strength to regain our purpose and change our world.

You are already loved and everything is already fine with you. Relax and unleash your irresistibility.

You are an exceptional woman. You have your own place in this world..