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How to Choose a Man for a Life Together

“If a person has to endure, then it cannot be called a relationship,” said Mikhail Labkovsky, the most recognizable psychologist. He is one of the few people who understands how weak modern men are.

Most women have been raised in a way that is due to wars – where the strongest went and only a few returned.

Therefore, it is more important than ever for men to know how to behave in society and what kind of man he should be in general. After all, the criteria for choosing a partner for a joint life are one, and they do not change over the years, only being modified to fit modern society.

I will immerse you in the world of psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky, who kindly shares his knowledge. Here are 3 tips that will help you choose a suitable man for a joint life with a future perspective.

Word is Law

Mikhail Labkovsky believes that a man should remain synonymous with the word “Reliability.” And it is determined in any society extremely simply – by the ability to follow one’s own statements. Said – done. And no other way.

This is how a man ready for family life and responsibility should differ from others. He is not a laughingstock, he is a man who keeps his word. And if he did not keep it, then he publicly announced the opposite; that he is incapable.

Therefore, this word should be kept regardless of who it was given to – the bitterest enemy, a colleague at work or the boss, a beloved wife or son. The word doesn’t care. And the demands from such a man to the society around him should be appropriate.

Actions – Value

The absence of choice is also a choice, as is the absence of actions. But a real man is a decisive person. He has a mind that is able to reject emotions and choose the right strategy.

But the main “option” of a man is the ability to take his other characteristics and take the first step. Neither internal insecurity, panic, nor fear should prevent him from doing so.

Inaction is the lot of cowards. Of those who are afraid of making mistakes. And the latter is a gift for a person who is able to draw conclusions and move on. With each time being more confident in their own victory.

Stinginess – Evil

Mikhail Labkovsky believes that a person who is stingy is one whose spirit is poor, and it doesn’t matter how many millions that person has. Generosity is magnanimity.

So only a man who is confident in himself can share with others. He knows for sure that even if he gives away his last money, he will be able to earn more.