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French Charm or 10 Commandments of a Sexual Woman

Women come in all shapes and sizes – smart and beautiful, fun and charming, capricious and romantic, wealthy, with a doctoral degree, culinary talents, and a brilliant career. However, if you ask men what kind of woman is ideal for them, the first thing that comes to mind for each of them is a sexy woman!

The French have given such a woman their own definition – “femme fatale”: fatal, incredibly attractive, sexy, she may not fit into accepted beauty standards. And yet, this woman commands male attention wherever she appears. What is her secret?

When it comes to female sexuality, men’s and women’s opinions differ radically. The fairer sex is convinced that sexuality is primarily about appearance, the right wardrobe and makeup, and that any flaw in one’s appearance will preclude male desire. That’s why we often don’t understand men who are attracted to seemingly ordinary-looking women. We strive for external shine, forgetting that true sexuality comes from within.

So, who is this truly sexy woman?

  1. Incompleteness is stronger than any aphrodisiac for men.

In a sexual woman, seemingly incompatible things come together: the manners of a true lady and the free-spiritedness of a simpleton, a deep sharp mind and incredible ease in communication, thoughtfulness and recklessness, liberal judgments and personal inaccessibility… We will not be the first to say that nothing excites a man’s interest like a mysterious woman. Such is his nature – solving this riddle brings him incredible pleasure.

  1. A sexual woman realizes how lucky she is to be born a woman and is not afraid of her feminine nature.

She doesn’t care about beauty stereotypes, as changeable and fleeting as a sea breeze. She will be bright, attractive, friendly, artistic, affectionate, arrogant, charming… She is feminine, she is 100% confident in herself – in her appearance, in her inner integrity, and this harmony attracts men much more than long-legged and flat-chested “beauty ideals” strutting on world catwalks.

  1. A sense of self-worth is in a sexual woman’s blood.

It shines through in her gaze, in the way she speaks and carries herself, in a fleeting smile or a confident look. This is not arrogance, not conceit – this is just the awareness of one’s own worth, one’s own attractiveness, and this is precisely what makes a woman truly sexy.

  1. Vulgarity is unnatural for a truly sexual woman.

It is not inherent in her nature. She knows perfectly well that there is a huge difference between real sexiness and cheap vulgarity, and as a truly harmonious personality, she will never cross the line.

  1. A sexually dressed woman is a paradox for women and an incredible object of desire for men.

They say that an engaging conversation is the art of telling slightly less than the interlocutor would like to know. It’s the same with clothes: these women master the art of dressing so that they want to undress them. No, we’re not talking about huge cleavage, tight jeans, low waists, and sheer fabrics. It’s much more complicated – the clothes of a truly sexual woman make men use their imagination, imagining and adding to their mind everything that is hidden from their eyes.

  1. A sexually appealing woman perfectly masters the art of subtle flirting.

She wins by losing to the man, so that the latter never even thinks for a minute to doubt his role as conqueror and seducer. And yet, we all know who really becomes the owner of the coveted prize in this role-playing game.

  1. A sexually attractive woman is a cat woman.

She is incredibly sensual, and she is not afraid of this sensuality. Like a calm backwater, she hides an incredible energetic charge, and men feel it, sometimes even fear it, but they are drawn to such women like moths to a flame – they know perfectly well that they cannot resist the charms of such a woman.

  1. The sexually appealing woman is not a stranger to manifestations of sensuality; she is not a prude or a killjoy.

She does not scare men away with feigned modesty. And yet, with all her inner freedom, this woman is still surrounded by a light aura of inaccessibility. A man with such a woman can never be absolutely sure that he will wake up with her in the same bed tomorrow. Because, in the end, she decides everything.

  1. A sexually appealing woman never hurries to get rid of uninteresting admirers.

Because she is confident that this circle of admirers makes her even more desirable in the eyes of other men. She knows that sooner or later, the one she really needs will join this circle.

  1. A sexually appealing woman does not walk through life with a flying gait.

She is light, sincere, and open. It is easy to start a conversation with her, and the role of the leader in this conversation is always fairly given to the man. Not because she is stupid – on the contrary.