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Energetically important zones on a woman’s body

When these areas are exposed, they become available to various (sometimes not very kind) eyes, and this can lead to health problems.

  • A woman’s hair is her sexual energy, her strength. Loose hair has a very strong influence on others, but at the same time, when a woman wears her hair loose, she loses a lot of energy. For an experiment: wear your hair loose for one day and wear it in a braid or bun the next. You can let your hair down for your loved one, as your energy should be directed towards them and not the whole world! Your task is to become a man’s muse, and let the man, inspired by you, bring you the whole world!
  • A woman’s eyes reflect her mind, and men are strongly attracted to her through her vision. A woman’s psyche is such that if she looks at something for more than 40 seconds, she begins to think about it and want it. Therefore, it is better to lower your eyes in front of men, especially if you are married. This is not for your husband’s sake, but for your own peace of mind.
  • The back of a woman’s neck (at the base of the spine) is considered the weakest area in her body! It must be covered; you cannot turn your back on people who speak ill of you, or you may receive a strong curse known as “a curse in the back.” This point is energetically vulnerable, so it is good if you wear protective amulets or Tulasi wood beads, which help protect this area. It is ideal if your beautiful hair lies on this area, as there is no better protection than your own energy, woven into the sacred pattern of your hair (hair is a mystical hairstyle, but we’ll talk about that later…).
  • Shoulders and wrists emanate powerful sexual energy, so in many traditions, shoulders are usually covered, and bracelets are worn on the wrists, to avoid tempting other men and preserving your own energy. Interestingly, the chest is not considered a zone of energy loss, and within reason, you can wear open blouses, etc. The chest is a symbol of motherhood, not sexuality, so there are no prohibitions on reasonable necklines (I repeat – reasonable). There is no great danger in baring the stomach either, as the stomach is a symbol of a woman’s well-being, her success, and her potential – it can be demonstrated. I am now talking about the stomach at the level of the solar plexus, not the groin.
  • The groin and thighs are where a woman’s reproductive organs are located, and this area should be kept covered. This is the most important area in a woman’s body, where the flower of her feminine essence – the uterus – is located!