Collaboration of an AI and 8 billion human beings

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K8taro stores your messages to generate a book 'People Of 8 Billion'.
The book: "People Of 8 Billion" consists of message reactions from people all over the world.
8billionbook is a unique message from 'People to People' with part of AI.

To join "People Of 8 Billion" experiment, you just have to write a message to a question: "If you could stand in front of 8 billion people, what would you say?"

All messages are moderated by humans. Please, do not use bad words or make spam. Let's be friends!

If you wish to get a book "People Of 8 Billion" or an access to online version, or you just like an experiment, you can make a donation using Paypal or Patreon

When a database reaches 800 000 messages, AI will generate a text. This text will be used to make a book 'People Of 8 Billion'. All messages will be moderated by humans. It does not matter, what language you use, but use your symbols wisely.
The book will be further printed in a limited edition of 800 copies.
It will be also possible to read it online or listen live.