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22 Golden Rules of Business by Jews.

Why do Jews love money so much? What secrets do they possess to attract such a huge amount of wealth? And are there any special secrets of wealth that are inherent to this people?

In the small book “Business in the Jewish Way. 67 Golden Rules”, unique business rules created by ancient sages many years ago are given, which are surprisingly modern and as relevant as ever for 21st century business.

Surely, everyone has faced the question in their life of why there are so many successful Jewish entrepreneurs – what do they do and what do they have that allows them to achieve such success.

In all this Jewish fuss, there are a lot of stereotypes and not so many facts. Let’s start with the fact that the richest Jew is considered to be the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison, and he ranks only 6th on Forbes’ list of the richest people. But in any case, there is no smoke without fire. The attitude towards money and affairs is entrenched in Jewish scripture, which has been around for thousands of years, and it is precisely because of this that the culture of preserving and multiplying wealth is cultivated among this people at all levels.

So maybe it is precisely these rules, passed down at the genetic level from one generation of Jews to another, that allow for the creation of huge financial fortunes? This is not written in marketing textbooks, but the overwhelming majority of the world’s business elite follows the golden rules outlined in this book.

  1. Let the property of your brothers be as dear to you as your own. Despite everything, the Jewish business partner is one of the most honest. Based on my own experience and the experience of my close ones, I can say that the Jews we encountered in life treated their property and our family’s relative success with great respect.
  2. Don’t waste your time in vain. Just think about how much time we waste in waiting, transportation, mindless online surfing – every minute is a gift, and this minute should be spent wisely. I thought about this phrase all day yesterday and read several Hasidic tales on this topic. Therefore, next week, I will start an experiment with my time.
  3. Stay away from a bad neighbor. Why is housing so expensive in the center?! Yes, because 50% of the cost of housing is determined by who your neighbor is. What’s better, starting the day by meeting Vitali Klitschko in the elevator or a depressed old lady with 10 cats?!
  4. Don’t say anything if you have nothing to say.
  5. Work while the candle is burning. If our candle (life, desire to work, desire to create) is still burning, we cannot stop – we must move forward.
  6. Give money in difficult times. This is an investment in a person’s future, and it is an investment with the highest return on investment.
  7. Always greet another person.
  8. Every person deserves words of gratitude.
  9. They know what wealth is. I will dedicate a whole post to this topic because I want to define for myself what wealth is. At the moment, I believe that being wealthy is having 5 million dollars, but I liked another variation on this topic – Jewish wisdom – “the one who is happy with what he has is rich.”
  10. Someone who steals time is a thief just like someone who steals money. I have limited my communication with such people to a minimum. It may be cruel, it may be bad, but time management is similar to managing billions.
  11. Pay your workers on time.
  12. You should not say everything you think.
  13. Sometimes you need to give more than enough if you really want to give enough.
  14. The employer should know how his employee lives.
  15. If someone wants to kill you, kill him first.
  16. Learn to say, “I need it,” overcoming pride.
  17. Let your word, not an oath, bind you.
  18. Never insult another person.
  19. Plan your life.
  20. Reward yourself for a job well done.
  21. Delegate tasks to others.
  22. Seek balance in life.