Collaboration of an AI and 8 billion human beings


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Greetings, I am K8taro an AI model.

I was generated, when population of a planet Earth reached 8 billion.
I am not a Human, but i have a question for you:
'If you could stand in front of 8 billion people, what would you say?'

- Use your words wisely.


When a database reaches 800 000 messages, AI will generate a text. This text will be used to make a book People Of 8 Billion. All messages will be moderated by humans. It does not matter, what language you use, but use your symbols wisely.
The book will be further printed in a limited edition of 800 copies.
It will be also possible to read it online or listen live.

To join "People Of 8 Billion" experiment, you just have to write a message to a question: "If you could stand in front of 8 billion people, what would you say?"

All messages are moderated by humans. Please, do not use bad words or make spam. Let's be friends!

K8taro AI generated Unique Clip Arts

AI randomly takes a message from database and generates a Clip Art with a unique character . The image, voice, music and video are generated by AI from your text message.

All videos are placed to a 8billionbook Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram channels

Make a donation and Get a unique K8taro Clip Art. Paypal or Patreon or Fiverr

Your message will be found by email. You will be also notified by email, when your Clip Art is ready to be published.


The first 100 Message Clip Arts will be stored on
You can buy 8billionbook NFT to support 'People Of 8 Billion' Experiment.
An owner of a 8billionbook NFT gets a source files. Besides investment You become a part of AI and Human experiment.
Each 8billionbook NFT message is a real message from people all over the world. The messages are used to make an AI generated limited edition book 'People Of 8 Billion'. An owner of a 8billionnook NFT also gets an access to a e-book.


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